Jameel Al-Kindy

Hair Stylist | Make-up artist | Aestetician | Platform Artist

Do you want to exude confidence with style? From a tweak of your current look to a total makeover Jameel skills as an excellent stylist are evident. His honed technical skills and keen sense of fashion come from years of experience including his mother’s talents and ongoing education. Ready for hair makeover? Jameel’s forte lies in dimensional colors that produce magnificent natural hues. He specializes in all types of hair, creating a style full body and vibrancy.


Hair Stylist

Nancy has been in the industry for 14 years and considers herself an artist in every aspect of her personal and professional life. Nancy seeks to bring style, colour, and vitality to all of her clients. She loves making sure that all her clients leave the salon looking and feeling great. If your looking for pretty, practical hair, and a hairstylist who truly cares about your personal style and needs, look no further! Nancy is ready to give you the style you've always wanted!

Ashley McKee

Salon Manager

Ashley brings her bright and sunny disposition to the salon each day. She has always loved working in "people environments" and truly enjoys managing the salon's operations with her well-renowned attention to detail. Ashley works hard to help each of the salon's clients feel unique, uplifted and pampered. Over the years she has become the glue that holds Jameel De Stefano Salon & Spa together. While making your appointment she hopes you can feel the smile in her voice from the other end of the phone; she strives to make your visit a memorable one.

Sierra Stewart

Apprentice Hair Stylist/ Make up Artist

Sierra is A creative minded individual with a passion for life and meeting new people, Always striking up exciting conversation in the salon and happy to lend a helping hand where needed. Her bright smile will always welcome you to our salon and creates an exciting environment.

Farah Ebadi

Hair Stylist/ Make up Artist

Having worked as a hairdresser professional for 7 years, I always want to learn more and maintain new styles and trends. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to share my outgoing personality. I complete every service with confidence and ensure that your experience is one to remember. This industry is fun and creative and always inspires me to do what I love.

Luke Skrzek

Make up Artist

Passion, Talent & Dedication are the top 3 words to describe Luke. Luke is a full-time Make up Artist that works year round creating countless looks for wedding parties, creating the hottest, most elegant looks. Luke enjoys the transforming aspect and furthering his learning every year by updating his product knowledge and perfecting different looks. Luke loves the opportunity to learn and be creative in a team environment. He also enjoys glamming up wedding parties on their special day, and teaching make up lessons to clients of all ages.

Maryam Marshad


Miranda McGee